Testimony Victor Wooten

Focal Hand Dystonia

Instrument: Bass Guitar
Time suffered before beginning the treatment: 15 to 20 years

“My dystonia drastically increased when I put a name to it. That let me know back then a couple of years ago that this is a mental thing. Then my wife finally found you online and told me, you need to look at this woman and so I looked at your website and what you were talking about was so different to me than anything I had ever heard. It was so out of the box, borderline crazy. But when I say crazy, I mean it in the best sense of the word. It just means that this person´s not thinking like a normal way, like everyone else, but a lot different. I was able to make an appointment, we did our consultation and I was in, not because I understood it, but that it still made sense and it was something that I hadn´t heard before…

Even just bringing my hand to my instrument, the thought of playing used to make my fingers curl into a ball, these three and we´ve gotten way past that now… “

Testimony Joe Baca

Focal Hand Dystonia

Instrument: Violin
Time suffered before beginning the treatment: 9 months

In this episode (the first of a two part meeting) I share a wonderful conversation with Ruth Chiles who works in resolving cases of Focal Dystonia and other performance blocks. She worked with me through the better part of 2020 and resolved so much trauma causing inability to heal and even function healthily when it came to playing the violin. Because of Ruth I am now in a neutral state, allowing me to play without physical strain with more control by doing less when it comes to allowing natural movement to return on a daily basis. Her method is what put me in a state of confidence and calm to be able to come up with the concept of Letting Go as an active musician’s healing approach to Focal Dystonia and an injury prevention method for healthy players.


Testimony Alain Tessier

Focal Embouchure Dystonia

Instrument: French Horn
Time suffered before beginning the treatment: 18 months

I´m a French Horn player and my dystonic symptoms were so bad with my embouchure that I wasn’t even able to play 1 note. At the beginning of working with Ruth I was very disconnected from my body, but as I learned to become connected, my progress has come so fast. So I went from not being able to play a single note to in about 2 months being able to play for more than 1 hour on my horn and feeling great about it and finding pleasure in playing…


Testimony Juan Pedro Mendoza

Focal Hand Dystonia

Instrument: Bass Guitar
Time suffered before beginning the treatment: 1 year

“Hello, my name is Juan Pedro Mendoza, I play bass guitar and I am going to talk about my experience with Ruth.

Working with Ruth is very fascinating. She explains from beginning to end, as much in the sessions as in the moment of leaving us exercises to do during the week, everything in a way that is really easy to understand. Some things have been difficult for me in the sessions, but she explained it to me in a way that I could understand. I quickly assimilated what she wanted me to do.

What is special about Ruth for me is that as she also suffered from this illness, she understands very well what one goes through in the moment that they have dystonia. She explains it in a way that one can understand and she also puts herself in our shoes as patients. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand what we have to do in the treatment.

The results that Ruth said I would have, I have received. Some of them more rapidly than I expected, as I before taking this treatment with Ruth I had taken some other treatments in which I advanced very little. With Ruth, in the fifth session many of the spasms that I had in my hand disappeared and the contractions that occurred in my hand relaxed. This was something that personally helped me; it motivated me to continue with the treatment.

What I have understand about this illness and its treatment in my body is that now I know when I am stressed and when I have stress in certain parts of my body. The treatment has helped me to resolve this stress and the tightening of my body and it has helped me to resolve it much more easily.

Without doubt I would recommend Ruth to all fellow musicians or to the people that suffer from this illness. Don´t doubt it, in truth they should take this treatment. I was also a bit sceptical before undertaking it, but now that I am living it, logically I would openly recommend it. Don´t doubt it.

Anyway that is everything from me, best wishes. “

Testimony Iván Martínez

Focal Knee Dystonia

Professional Basketball Player

“The work with Ruth is very straight forward. The truth is that she adapts greatly to all the needs that I have. All of the sessions that we do each week last about one to one and a half hours and in them we can work in a very specific way everything that we want to work on. It is very comfortable working with her.

The way that we work is using Brainspotting and other diverse methods that she uses with me. Above all they help you to really connect to the sensations that your body has in each moment and to relive certain moments that have generated fear or situations that can affect the control of your mind and of your mind over your body. From there correcting all of these sensations to be able to find yourself well within yourself and above all having an inner balance, which I hadn´t felt for a long time and thanks to her I have been able to achieve.

As well as finding myself really balanced; in what is the union between the body and the mind she give you the power to control what your mind wants and that the body executes it.

Of course I would recommend working with her. I think that it is something that we don´t give the importance that it has and it is really necessary.”