Ruth Chiles is delighted to introduce you to the Brainspotting therapists that she has trained in her method.

Georgina Hall

Georgina is a fully qualified Consultant in Brainspotting and a member of the Brainspotting UK training team.

She is also a Mindfulness Teacher, Psychotherapist and Fine Artist.

She typically works with clients suffering from Focal Dystonia, Developmental Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Codependency issues.
As a psychotherapist, she knows how valuable it is to talk to someone who is non-judgmental, neutral and kind, who can help you bring about much needed change.

During a Brainspotting session with her, together, you will tap into and harness the body’s natural self-scanning and self-healing ability to help heal your deep wounds.

You no longer have to suffer in silence!

Carles Vila

Carles is an experienced integrative relational therapist and trauma informed Brainspotting therapist. He’s been helping with performance
block resolution, stage anxiety and career expansion coaching to professional stage and sport field artists (musicians, actors, dancers, singers, athletes, influencers, tv hosts…) since 2013.

He recently coached the full young cast of Netflix’s “Welcome to Eden” on dealing emotionally with success and popularity. He is based in Spain but has studied, worked and lived abroad. Owned a film production company in Los
Angeles (US), then moved to Madrid, where he developed a successful career as a film/tv primetime director, for more than 15 years. He has for long coached actors and dancers in the natural expression of emotional truth for stage and the camera at some of the most influential acting schools and
universities in Spain. Carles is a warm, attuned, creative, highly committed and open-minded therapist. Works with his clients both in English and Spanish.

Carles Vila
Alan Freeburn

Alan Freeburn

Alan. is an Applied Psychologist and has been working in Adult Mental Health for 20 years with a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD and trauma. He started his Brainspotting journey a few years ago and feel it really benefits clients when incorporated into his work. Learning Ruth’s method for working with Focal Dystonia was a real discovery for him.

Alan enjoys providing a compassionate space and framework for clients to
begin to really feel in to what is happening for them. As you build your attuned relationship together, this innovative approach helps to facilitate deep healing and release trauma stored within your nervous system. By utilising
the brain’s natural ability to heal itself, Ruth’s method enables individuals with
Focal Dystonia to access the body’s wisdom and restore physical and emotional balance.

“I’m looking forward to working with you.” Alan Freeburn MSc., BSc.

All the therapists listed on this page are independent practitioners and therefore, Ruth Chiles is unable to guarantee nor provide any assurances or warranties regarding the suitability of a practitioner for your needs or the outcome of any treatment with them.

This directory is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. In no event shall Ruth Chiles be liable to you or anyone else for any decision or action taken in reliance on information provided by one of the therapists listed on this page.

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