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Neuroscience of the Resolution of Musician´s Focal Dystonia

In my previous articles The Neurological Causes of Musician´s Focal Dystonia and Causes of the Neurological Changes Found in Musicians with Focal Dystonia I described the research on what occurs at the neurological level in Musician´s with Focal Dystonia. In this article I will explain the research on the Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis techniques that [...]

Causes of the Neurological Changes found in Musicians with Focal Dystonia

Several studies as well as my phenomenological experience suggest that there is a direct connection between Musician´s Focal Dystonia, perfectionism and stress. (Altenmüller E, 2010). In our culture we focus in a false and unhealthy way on innate musical talent and genius as if they make a person special and give them more intrinsic [...]